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Meet Greg Brown!

Meet Greg Brown!

We don’t just sell Mustang parts here at CJ’s; at CJ Pony Service, our hard working tech specialists restore and enhance our customer’s Mustangs daily! One of our techs, Greg Brown, is quite the Mustang enthusiast, having owned four of them himself, and we’re excited to shine the spotlight on him for this month’s Employee Spotlight! Greg grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and purchased his first Mustang at the age of 21, a Performance Red 1999.

Of course, when you work in a Mustang shop, you aren’t going to keep yours stock. To his ’99, Greg has upgraded and added quite the range of parts to increase performance, including:

While we're used to seeing the '99 Mustang around CJ's, as it's Greg's daily driver, he's also owned several other Mustangs, including a 1968 Mustang, 1995 Mustang, and a 1986 Mustang GT that he's used mostly for parts.

Greg's '99 Mustang

While it might be like asking a parent who their favorite child is, Greg says he has a particular fondness for his 1968 Mustang. Greg’s father was actually a major influence in his decision to purchase a classic Mustang, as his dad had always had one. A lot of work has been done to restore the ’68 so far, including adding a firewall, lower and upper cowl, full frame rail, and body and trunk floor. While he hasn't been able to get too far in his classic Mustang's restoration, he does have some plans for the future to add some character and uniqueness.

“I’m going to try and make my ‘68 one of a kind and really stand out.”

Greg started at CJ Pony Parts as a sales representative in 2011, before moving to CJ Pony Service. Now, he’s one of only a handful of people who are in charge of working on customer cars, including welding work, fabricating parts, and some very large install projects. You might have even spotted Greg a time or two on our YouTube channel, as he sometimes gives Bill a hand with on-camera installs.

“Seeing all of the different Mustangs that come in and out of the Service building is just one of the highlights of working at CJ’s.”

Greg's '99 MustangIf Greg hadn’t found his way to CJ’s, we were curious what type of career he thinks he’d have. Well, we certainly weren’t surprised by his answer. Greg figures that he’d probably still be working with older or restomod cars, even if it might not be in a garage or shop.

Aside from CJ’s and his own Mustang install projects, Greg likes to attend several car shows and races annually, including the Ford Nationals in Carlisle, and Mustang Week, when possible. His car-enthusiasm isn’t just limited to Mustangs, also, as Greg appreciates most any car that can be modified and performance-enhanced.

We’re sure this passion is a perfect fit to his role here at CJ’s, as CJ Pony Service doesn’t just handle Mustangs. Over the past few years, our CJ techs have worked on Ford SVT Raptors, Ford Focus STs, and even a Falcon and Camaro!

While Greg is certainly busy both at work and in his own garage, you’re sure to run into him at CJ events or even around bustling in and around CJ’s, so make sure to say “hi” the next time you visit us!


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