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Meet CJ Customer Jeromy Price!

Meet CJ Customer Jeromy Price!

We’re ready to bring you another CJ Customer Profile, and this is one Mustang story we think you’ll really love!

Jeromy Price saw a Mustang for the first time at the age of seven at his Alabama home, and he then spent the next 25 years chasing after it.

Jeromy and his ’65 fastback

1965 Mustang fastbackJeromy Price’s family first purchased the 1965 Mustang 2+2 fastback in 1976. Almost immediately, young Jeromy grew attached to the car, often sneaking inside the Mustang to listen to the radio and pretend to drive. During this time, Jeromy also committed the ’65 fastback’s VIN number to memory, which is quite impressive, considering he was only 7 years old.

For the next few years, Jeromy’s family owned the Mustang a total of three times, selling it for the final time in 1981. Jeromy was crushed, but determined to keep tabs on its whereabouts so that he, one day, could find and purchase the Mustang from his childhood for himself.

Over the next four years, he sought out any Mustang enthusiasts in auto parts stores, gas stations and dealerships in Alabama, showing a picture of the ’65 fastback and asking if anyone had seen it. Then, in 1985, Jeromy finally caught up with “his” Mustang, which had been through an outstanding five different owners since it left his family’s driveway.

Jeromy was 16 and excited to be reunited with the fastback, but unfortunately, the owners were unwilling to sell at the time. Discouraged, but understanding, Jeromy continued to visit the Mustang a couple of times a year from 1985 to 2005.

Reunited at last!

Then one day in late 2006, the day finally came; Jeromy got the call that the owners of the ’65 fastback were finally ready to sell. In November of 2006, at the age of 37, he picked up the Mustang, which he could finally call his own.

The day Jeromy picked up his ’65 Mustang in November, 2006

Unfortunately, at that point, the fastback was in rough shape after sitting outside and exposed to the elements for nearly 20 years. This, however, didn’t matter much to Jeromy.

After 25 years of separation, and then several days of hard work, he was able to sit behind the wheel as an adult and start it up.

"The day I got it back home, I parked it outside my kitchen window. I woke up several times that night and looked out the window at my Mustang hoping that it was real and I wasn't dreaming."

Working on the ‘Stang

As expected after 20 years parked outside, this Mustang needed quite a bit of restoration work. After a machine blasting, Jeromy found countless sections of the Mustang that were rusted out. Some of the panels and other parts that needed replacing included:

working on the 1965 mustangFor the metal work, Jeromy relied on Wicked Rods in Canton, Alabama, and the engine’s machine work was done by Performance Machine Shop in Birmingham, Alabama. After some of the initial and critical updates, Jeromy also completed some performance upgrades, including a new suspension, Unisteer power rack and pinion steering, a Hurst Long Throw Shifter. To the engine, an Edelbrock Performance 289 aluminum intake and Holley 600 CFM carburetor were added. New tires were also a must, with Jeromy opting for Foose Nitrous Torque Thrust Wheels.

Fun Fact: when Jeromy was a kid, he accidentally ran into the Mustang with his bicycle, denting the taillight panel. When he bought it back, 25 years later, the dent was still there!

Future Plans

Jeromy is much closer to getting his ’65 Mustang fastback road and car show-ready, but there is still some work yet to be done. One of his plans includes painting it back to its original color, Rangoon Red, and adding Wimbledon White Shelby stripes. With this color and the stripes, Jeromy hopes for it to look like the Hertz Rent-a-Cars from Ford back in 1965 and 1966.

1965 fastback mustangFurthermore, the Mustang will feature black interior like it originally had, and a signed Carroll Shelby and Chip Foose glove box lid. This glove box was actually signed by Chop Foose at the 2009 Braselton Bash in Georgia, which Jeromy and his family try to attend every year.

With $20,000 invested in the project so far, and after these final upgrades, Jeromy hopes to have his Mustang completed in September, 2014.

A True Car Enthusiast

You might think Jeromy would have his hands completely full working on his ’65 dream Mustang and getting her back to tip-top shape, but he actually has several other project cars in the works… 20, to be exact!

As you might have predicted, Jeromy is quite the car enthusiast. He’s maintained a career in auto sales for the past 20 years, and also frequents car shows and cruise-ins in his spare time.

Fun Fact: This wasn’t the first Mustang Jeromy owned; his first was actually a 1985 Mustang.

We can’t wait to see this Mustang when it’s all finished, and we’ll definitely continue to share some updates from Jeromy. Make sure to connect with us on social media, including Facebook, so you don’t miss seeing this ’65 fastbacks progress! Also, make sure to keep an eye out on our blog for the next Customer Profile!


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