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Meet Bill Tumas!

Meet Bill Tumas!

You’ve seen him in our YouTube installation and product videos. You might have even seen him around the CJ Pony Service shop or at one of the CJ events we hold annually. Product Specialist Bill Tumas is constantly buzzing around CJ’s as one of our go-to Mustang enthusiasts, and it’s time we share a bit of his story with you.

Bill's 2011 GT.Bill bought his very first Mustang, a ‘69 GT convertible, when he was only 14 years old… over two years before he could legally drive it! In fact, his passion for cars began when he was 12, and from then until now, Bill’s owned an amazing total of over 50 Mustangs!

Currently, Bill owns a 1996 Cobra, featured in this month’s “Staff Stangs” video, along with a 2011 Grabber Blue Mustang GT. When we found out just how many Bill’s owned so far, we asked the obvious, albeit difficult to answer, question: Which has been your favorite?

After some thought, Bill says the original ’69 he owned as a teenager would be the most valuable, though perhaps the most meaningful car he’s owned is the ’96 Cobra. This Cobra was previously owned by Bill's friend Andrew Bauer, nicknamed "Krimpet," who passed away in 2002 from a tragic car accident. A few years ago, Andrew's parents reached out to Bill to see if he'd like the "Krimpstang" Cobra and would continue racing it. When Bill got the car, he cleaned it up a bit and made it road ready once again, and it's currently set up for drag racing. Watch this month's Staff Stang to learn more about Bill's '96 Cobra and Bill's plans for it in the future...

In the future, Bill says he’d love to purchase a deep impact blue, stripe delete, glass roofed 2014 GT500. However, he admits this might change when the new 2015 Mustangs hit the road! And his all-time favorite Mustang ever? A 1965 Shelby GT350R.

Of course, Bill doesn’t just buy these Mustangs and leave them as-is! We’ve all seen Bill on camera making upgrades and modifications to CJ's cars, and it’s no different with his personal cars. In terms of performance upgrades, Bill enjoys pushing basic mods to the limit and finding ways to make everything work in sync. Perhaps his favorite upgrade that he’s done on one of his Mustangs would be the Terminator swap on his 1996 Cobra.

In 2005, Bill began his career at CJ Pony Parts, initially working in the Sales department. He’s now a part of Marketing, and says that the best part of working here at CJ’s is the fact that his office is a 14,000 square-foot shop full of Mustangs.

Bill launching Gotta Have It Race at an NMRA event.“Yes, it’s a job. But being around cool cars all day makes getting up in the morning a lot easier!”

Along with performing installations, learning the latest products we offer, and countless other work-related undertakings, Bill attends several car and Mustang events annually. One he's particularly proud to be a part of would be the Rally North America event each summer, which is a charitable, multi-state scavenger hunt that donates a charity, with this year's donations going to Camp Sunshine. Coming up soon, he’ll be participating in the ABM Nats on November 9th at Cecil County Dragway.

You can also find Bill at nearly every NMRA race that’s close to central Pennsylvania, and even some car shows, including the Valley Forge Mustang Club’s show each year. Admittedly, if you run into him at one of these races or events, it’s likely he’ll be participating, as he says “I’ve found I’m not a very good spectator and am much better behind the wheel of something at any event I go to!”

Bill and CJ’s video producer, Laman, work hard to bring you the best Mustang videos around, and they’re excited to announce that CJ's YouTube Channel has just hit one million total views! In the near future, they’re looking to reach 5,000 subscribers and, by this time next year, over 3,000,000 total views.

Bill and Gotta Have It Race

“I never thought I would be on camera for a living, but I’ve actually grown to enjoy it. And I’m still amazed by how many people watch our videos and recognize me at car events!”

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more of Bill and, when you stop by CJ’s or see him around the local car shows, don’t be afraid to say “hi!”


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