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Tale of the Tolls [Motion Graphic]

Tale of the Tolls [Motion Graphic]

There’s nothing better than the excitement you feel when you’re heading out of town for vacation or a trip. Anything that switches up your daily life is exciting, even road trips. The most important things to remember for a trip in the car are snacks, drinks, games and of course, toll money. Not a fan of carrying small bills and change? Perhaps you bought an E-ZPass to make your travels a little less stressful. What if you’re going to a state that doesn’t accept them? Here’s a motion graphic that might help take the edge off the toll road stress. There are some facts and figures you probably never knew that might make you look at the toll roads a little differently. Watch and learn the Tale of the Tolls so you’re more prepared the next time you see a Turnpike sign.

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