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Meet Steve Riss!

Meet Steve Riss!

CJ Forum Administrator, Steve Riss, is the proud owner of a black 2001 Bullitt that can be seen outside of CJ Pony Parts just about every day. Steve’s story is a pretty exciting one, moving all the way from Motor City to central PA, and there seems to be no limit to what he brings to the CJ team.

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan likely played a pretty important role in attracting Steve to muscle cars, as he says they were always around as he was growing up. He and his family made the trek to settle in Pennsylvania after he dedicated eight years to serving our country in the Navy, and it seems even here he still can’t escape muscle cars. Steve began his career at CJ’s in 2009 as a salesman, and then moved on to work on our eBay page, along with photographing products and events. He then made the transition to his current role as Forum Administrator and has become the “go-to” guy for breaking Mustang news or community sentiment.

“There's just something about Mustangs that wins you over."

While he was still in the Navy, Steve found and purchased his first and only Mustang, a black ’01 Bullitt, after he found it sitting in a Pontiac lot. He admits, though, that his all time favorite Mustang would still have to be the 2004 Mystic Chrome Cobra. Throughout the past few years, Steve has made several upgrades to his Bullitt, including adding TMI Bullitt Upholstery.

In fact, Steve worked with TMI to produce their Bullitt upholstery products by sending his seats to California for TMI for use as a mold for the TMI Bullitt Upholstery and Bullitt Seat Foam available today. He also had his seats reupholstered by TMI with custom titanium inserts, which look beautiful paired with the original dark charcoal leather, giving his interior a sharp, unique look.

Steve's 2001 Ford Mustang BullittOther upgrades to the Bullitt include:

“Working at CJ's gives me an opportunity to learn not just about my own car, but about all Mustangs.”

In the upcoming weeks, Steve says he plans on changing the original JLT to a new Series Two Cold Air Intake, as well as full Magnaflow exhaust. He’s also begun researching engine swap ideas, and is considering Plasti Dipping the entire Mustang to a whole new color. We have to say, though, that it’d be weird seeing him pull up in something other than the classic black!

Apart from work on his Bullitt, Steve is looking forward to working with CJ Product Specialist, Bill Tumas, on organizing the ABM Nationals at Cecil County Dragway in November. For the past three years, Steve has been helping with this event, which is in honor of the late Andrew “Krimpet” Bauer, and this year he plans on participating by racing the ’96 Cobra that was actually owned by “Krimpet.”

You might have run across Steve in a forum or other online conversation, and if you do, don't be afraid to say "hi!" You can also spot him at many CJ events, including Pony Trails and CAD.

Steve's 2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt


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