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Cruising with Corbeau FX1 Seats and 5-Point Harnesses

Cruising with Corbeau FX1 Seats and 5-Point Harnesses

If you’re in the process of making performance upgrades to your Mustang, we urge you not to overlook the safety benefits of a true high performance seat.

CJ Copywriter, Sean Kivler, previously upgraded the suspension and the engine in his 2004 Saleen, and decided that while Saleens have a decent seat straight from the factory, his Mustang would benefit from FX1 Seats from Corbeau, 5-Point Harnesses, and a Harness Bar System.

Corbeau’s FX1 & 5-Point Harness

The FX1 Seat from Corbeau combines comfort, performance, and safety at an absolutely unbeatable price. There are several features of the seat that are designed specifically to enhance racing, yet it is comfortable enough to go in your daily driver, like Sean's. 

corbeau fx1 mustang seatThe FX1 provides ultimate lateral support with well-defined thigh, kidney, and shoulder bolsters that will reduce the amount of driver fatigue, and it also features a seat back brace, anti-slip cloth and microsuede fabrics, aluminum side mounts, and harness capability. There is also an additional benefit of large weight savings through the upgrade to high performance seats, which saved Sean 53 pounds of weight from the old seats in his Saleen.

“I have a much better feel of the car with the Corbeau seats, which may be from less padding; however, the comfort is not lost..."

"I also wear the harnesses all the time, and they’re rather comfortable."

The Corbeau brackets used to install the FX1 Seats bolt to the factory location on the floor of your Mustang and have the maneuverability of an original factory seat. The Harness Bar used for the 5-Point belts make installing the harnesses easier, providing a mounting location without having to drill into the floor. Furthermore, the Harness Bar comes with all mounting hardware necessary for installation, making securing it inside your Mustang easier. It also comes in a powder gray finish that can be painted. Using the 5-Point Harness secures you even more than the bucket seats, making hard turns or winding roads less of a problem than with a factory belt.

Driving with Corbeau

Sean uses his '04 Saleen as his off-and-on daily driver, but he recently gave the Corbeau seats a true test drive when he traveled ten hours one way to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Mustang Week. Though he admits to some slight rubbing after about nine hours from the Harness, his claims his back hurt no more due to the bucket seats than it would after that long in regular seats. He also felt more secure on the road and even sat higher from the Corbeau seats than he was used to.

“Getting into the car may not be as easy as it was with the stock seats, but the advantages of a high performance seat like the FX1 largely outweigh that one negative.”

corbeau mustang seats installed


The first step to installation is to remove both the passenger and driver's side seats. The Corbeau Harness Bar mounts to the two seat belt bolts on the b-pillar on both sides, so you’ll want to remove the cover and original bolt. Then, using the supplied hardware, slide the bolt and collar through the seat belt harness and the Harness Bar and securing back into place. Once this process is completed on both sides, remove the lower seat belt bolts and install the bracket for the Harness Bar’s support arm and the lap belt for your 5-Point Harness. Secure the support arm and the Harness Bar’s installation is complete. 

installing corbeau seats in mustangTo install the Corbeau FX1 Seats in your Mustang, you'll first want to secure each Corbeau Seat to its seat track, along with connecting the belts for the 5-Point Harnesses to the seat bracket. Bolt the seats to the tracks, making sure to align everything correctly. Next, install the shoulder harnesses to the Harness Bar and you're ready to return your seats to the stock locations inside your car using the factory hardware.

Total installation of the FX1 Seats, Harness Bar and 5-Point Harness takes around three hours, but they’ll keep you locked in to place and secure, regardless of any hard corners or what the road may throw at you.


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