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Forgotten Fastback Project Update

Forgotten Fastback Project Update

Remember our Forgotten Fastback project car? We’ve been making some big changes to begin bringing this 1965 Mustang back to life, including two big installations so far. Full restorations might not be for every Mustang enthusiast, but we hope you’re keeping up with our progress on this '65 fastback!

Front Suspension Installation

One of the first things we've noticed here at CJ’s is how terrible our Forgotten Fastback’s suspension was, which included two 4x4s for springs and several loose parts. Our overall goal for this Fastback is to build a classic Mustang with modern updates, so we decided to go with a stock-style suspension with a few performance upgrades. For springs, upper and lower control arms, and a strut rod kit, we've chosen top-quality products from Scott Drake.

Front Suspension InstallationScott Drake coil springs will provide a fairly stock smooth ride during normal driving for our Fastback, but as the springs compress, they will become firmer to offer the handling characteristics similar to our 600 pound performance springs. The lower control arm assembly we've chosen are the finest available on the market and features a riveted design for an authentic look, which is a Scott Drake practice that is unmatched by other brands. The upper control arm assembly is similarly one of the finest reproductions available.

Undertaking a bigger project like upgrading the front suspension isn’t the easiest project, taking roughly three to four hours to complete this installation process. However, the smoother ride and increased handling with a new suspension is well worth the effort, and the performance of the Scott Drake progressive rate coil springs and polyurethane bushings won’t go unnoticed when we get to take our ’65 fastback out on the road.

SSBC Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit Installation

After upgrading the suspension in our Forgotten Fastback, Bill and the rest of the CJ team decided it would be a good idea to upgrade our disc brakes with SSBC’s Conversion Kit with Dual Bowl Master Cylinder for 1965-1966 V8 Mustangs with power brakes and an automatic transmission.

The kit includes a pair of rotors, a pair of calipers, front brake pads, dual bowl master cylinder and 7" single diaphragm booster, splash shield, brake hoses, and rotor retaining hardware, so it was another big installation for our project car.

forgotten fastback brake installFirst, Bill installs the splash shield and caliper bracket before moving on to the rotor and dust shield. Then, before mounting the caliper on the car, Bill installs the brake line. After the caliper is placed over the rotor and lined up with the bracket, the booster is prepared and then mounted where the factory master cylinder was. If you have hard brake lines already run to the master cylinder location, you’ll need to bench bleed the master cylinder before installing it on the car. While our Forgotten Fastback didn’t, Bill demonstrates the process of bench bleeding in our installation video.

We weren’t able to entirely finish our front disc brake conversion considering the work we need to do on the hard brake lines yet. When installation is complete, however, we are excited for the improved stopping power, as well as increased safety of our disc brakes and master cylinder in the fastback.

CJ’s has a long way to go until this Forgotten Fastback is road ready and restored to the classic beauty it once was. Make sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel and website for the next installments Bill performs, don’t hesitate to connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter about any questions or suggestions you may have!


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