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TMI Upholstery for Your Classic Mustang

TMI Upholstery for Your Classic Mustang

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your faded and worn seats with new, top quality interior upholstery, one brand name is the first to come to mind. TMI Products, originating in California, is an industry leader in Mustang upholstery, seat foam, consoles, door panels, headliners, and many other Mustang interior products.

TMI will help you personalize the look you want for your Mustang’s interior without sacrificing the comfort of your seats. TMI Mustang products are built for any classic Mustang and range in look from performance based, to original vintage or modern style, which will compliment any interior design you’ve chosen. Learn more about the TMI Upholstery line and its different series products: TMI launches new Sport R and Sport II...

Installing new upholstery can be a bit intimidating, but Bill and Ben show this process step-by-step and provide several helpful tips in this installation video. The specific TMI product they've chosen to install is the TMI Sport II upholstery and TMI Sport II foam. These are two of the most aggressive, performance inspired upholstery products on the market, yet they still maintain the classic vintage look.

The first step in installation is to disassemble your original seats. Ben and Bill work first on the seat back, which includes removing the original screws, backing and hog rings. Taking apart the upholstery and seat foam will reveal the original canvas; if yours is in good shape, you can reuse it. Then, you will place your new TMI seat foam snugly around the outer edge of the seat frame.

TMI Upholstery Sport R Series Mach 1 1971-1973Installing the new TMI upholstery can be a bit tricky, so we suggest turning it inside out to make the listing channel more accessible. Placing the listing wire in the listing channels are tricky, but once that is completed, you’re ready to secure the upholstery onto the seat foam. Push the listing rods into the channels of the seat foam even on both sides, and then connect the listing rod in the upholstery with the listing rod in the seat foam with hog rings.

After it's secured, the trick with stretching the upholstery is to begin with one corner and move towards the other corner. Make sure to continue working out all the wrinkles by carefully pulling and stretching the upholstery. Once half the upholstery is wrapped around the foam, secure the rest of the listing channel on each side. Then, finish stretching the upholstery over the bottom of the seat, and make sure the edge of the upholstery matches with the edge of your foam. The tighter the upholstery is stretched across your seat,  the more durable and long lasting it will be.

To attach the TMI upholstery to the back frame of the seat, you’ll use hog rings across the top and both sides. Also, make sure to secure all of the extra piping to the metal springs, with only a little bit of tension. The last part to installing TMI on your upper seat is to secure the seat back using door panel clips. Bill advises to start at the top of the seat and work your way down.

The process to replace your seat bottom is very similar to the seat back, except the listing wire is already installed in the TMI upholstery. Once the upholstery is secured around the seat foam, you will notice the seat back stud trying to poke through. Make a small slit so that it pushes through the upholstery and install the washers over the studs.

Installing your seat back to your seat bottom isn’t difficult, but make sure to pay close attention the steps Bill and Ben use to make this process quick and painless.

When you decide to upgrade or replace your Mustang’s seat upholstery, you can’t go wrong with TMI Products. They provide quality, durable upholstery in several product lines to match any interior style you want for your Mustang.


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