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Gotta Have It Race hits the track for the first time in 2013!

Gotta Have It Race hits the track for the first time in 2013!

After a long winter, spring has finally arrived and everyone on the Gotta Have Builds team was excited to finally be able to get Gotta Have It Race down to the track for some much needed quarter mile therapy. On Saturday, April 20, JLP Performance’s Ford Shootout became the first drag racing event of the year. See how the team did...

Last November, Bill and Gotta Have It Race were able to run consistent 11.1-11.2 passes with a best of 11.05 seconds at 123 MPH on a cold day with mine shaft air at Cecil County Dragway. Back in November, Gotta Have It Race was on Hoosier slicks and managed a 1.52 60 foot time. Since then, the team has added about 100 lbs. of weight in the form of a Maximum Motorsports 6 point roll bar and changed the shocks out for a set of Lakewood 50/50 drag shocks.

Gotta Have It Race waiting to get on the track.Early in the morning on Saturday, the Gotta Have Builds team gassed up and headed to Cecil County Dragway for JLP Performance’s Ford Shootout. The air was cool, but not as good as the last time out, so Bill wasn’t expecting to break any records and was just looking forward to  making some passes and getting some data out of Gotta Have It Race. They arrived at Cecil County and found a nice selection of quality cars already there, so they started getting Gotta Have It Race ready to race.

Their day was almost over before it started when they found a broken valve stem on the front tire, but the team was able to make a temporary repair so Bill could run for the day. They raised the front tires to 45 PSI and dropped the slicks down to 15 PSI, then Bill headed to the line for the first pass of the day. Gotta Have It Race ended up being the first car down the track and Bill had no idea what the prep was like, so he decided to start with a 5000 RPM launch and see what happened. The track had more bite than expected and the tires shook badly, so Bill lifted, then got back in it and went 11.52@122 MPH with a 1.688 60 foot. Given the shake and the lift it was a promising pass.

Gotta Have It Street on display while Gotta Have It Race cools between passesBill took Gotta Have It Race back to the pits, cooled the car down and lowered the tire pressure to 13 PSI so the tires would take more hit and hopefully not shake like the first pass. For his next pass, Bill did his usual second gear burnout and brought Gotta Have It Race to the line. The track was working so he went with a 6000 RPM launch and the car hooked better than ever before! His 60 foot was a 1.503, which was very close to the 1.40s that the Gotta Have Builds team was looking for. Three power shifts later and Bill was rewarded with an 11.19@121 MPH, which was pretty much on par with his November passes but in worse air.

The new Lakewood 50/50 drag shocks were working well with our combo, so it was time for a Hail Mary pass. The team let Gotta Have It Race cool down for an hour, then headed to the line with 12 PSI in the tires. Bill did his normal burnout and pulled the line. Caution was thrown to the wind as Bill revved Gotta Have It Race to 7000 RPMs and dumped the clutch. The car left HARD as Bill pulled both wheels off the ground on the way to a 1.501 60 foot. Again, so close to hitting the goal! Everyone felt that Bill should have been bracket racing, since he ran a near identical 11.17@122 MPH, which ended up being the best run of the day. Bill ran several 11.2 passes and had some great runs versus some other 5.0 powered cars.

Some of the competition cooling off between passes.Overall, it was a good and competitive day at the track. Everyone had a great time at the Ford Shootout and they are certainly looking forward to getting out on the track some more as the 2013 racing season unfolds.

While the Gotta Have Builds team doesn't quite have their 2013 racing schedule nailed down yet, you can check out the CJ Pony Parts events page, where that information will be posted as soon as it is available. 


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