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GoPro HERO3 for your Ford Mustang

GoPro HERO3 for your Ford Mustang

CJ Pony Parts is now carrying the GoPro HERO3: A must have for any Mustang owner who frequents the track or is heading out on a road trip.

If you want to share the incredible sights from your Mustang’s adventures, the GoPro camera line is exactly what you need. This camera allows you to capture professional quality videos and photos by mounting it onto any generation or model Mustang.

There are two ways to visually record your escapades using a GoPro HERO3. The first way is to record your experiences with high definition video in 1080p. The second is by using the camera feature, which features the same high quality capabilities as the HERO2, but comes in a smaller and lighter form. The camera has the option to take several pictures over a period of time or capture impressive still photos.

CJ Pony Parts offers two versions of the GoPro HERO3, which are the Silver and Black Editions.

Silver Edition

GoPro Silver EditionThe HERO3: Silver Edition is similar to the GoPro HERO2 in that it features high quality performance; however, it is 25% lighter and 30% smaller. Some specifications for the HERO3 include a reduced-distortion aspherical lens combined with user-selectable 1080p ultra-wide, medium and narrow field-of-views, which deliver far more perspective-capture options than the HERO3: White Edition camera.

Sound quality is also boosted on the HERO3: Silver Edition, which has been redesigned from previous models to capture more natural sounds, as well as immersive sounds of more sport-like activities. Along with this, it still features the famous wind-noise reduction of the GoPro line, but in a more improved fashion. This is great for Mustang owners who wish to capture an outside perspective of actions on the track.

Black Edition

CJ Pony Parts also offers the HERO3: Black Edition, which is the most advanced GoPro yet and the more “adventure” model. It is 25% lighter and 30% smaller, but two times more powerful than previous models. This version features a reduced-distortion, six element aspherical lens combined with user-selectable ultra-wide, medium and narrow field-of-views deliver more perspective-capture options than ever before. The photo options on the Black Edition are improved, which boasts three times the performance and two times better quality in low light than earlier GoPro models.

Similarly to the Silver Edition, the HERO3: Black Edition wonderfully captures both subtle, natural tones along with more aggressive sounds. The wind-noise reduction has been further improved, as this is the HERO3 edition best suited for “adventure” like activities.

GoPro HERO3 with the GoPro Suction Cup MountBoth the HERO3 Black Edition and Silver Edition feature built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to control your HERO3 in a hands-free fashion. The Black Edition comes with a Wi-Fi Remote (an optional accessory for the Silver Edition), which allows you to control up to 50 Wi-Fi enabled GoPros from up to 600 feet away. Furthermore, you can also control the HERO3 with an iOS smartphone and tablet app, which allows you to enable full camera control and even a scene previous on your iOS device. For mounting, we offer an industrial strength GoPro Suction Cup Mount that offers a range of motion and stability.

If you have own a Mustang and enjoy performing on the track or taking road trips, whether you're from Texas or New York , using a GoPro HERO3 will give you a perspective you won’t get any other way! Check out our selection of the HERO3 Silver and Black Edition on our website, and enjoy your new visuals next time you drive your Mustang!


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