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Flowmaster: Quality Exhaust Systems, Quality Sound

Flowmaster: Quality Exhaust Systems, Quality Sound

Flowmaster is an aftermarket performance exhaust manufacturer that actually began on the California race tracks in 1983, leading the way in early automotive exhaust science. For the past thirty years, Flowmaster has evolved far past the race track, becoming one of the most asked for exhaust and muffler brands in the Mustang world.

They specialize in exhaust systems, mufflers, exhaust kits, racing and stainless steel mufflers, and exhaust accessories for any year Mustang, from 1965-2004. The unique sound of the Flowmaster line is available in tones ranging from mild to aggressive. This caters to those who appreciate a more mellow resonance, as well as those who like a higher output.

Exhaust Kits

American Thunder ExhaustOne of Flowmaster’s most popular aggressive-tone line of exhausts is American Thunder. This series provides a higher output exterior sound, while delivering more torque, throttle response, and overall power to your Mustang. CJ Pony Parts offers several products in the American Thunder series for any year Mustang.

Daily drivers interested in a more limited but still enhanced tone should consider the Force II exhaust system. This system increases your Mustang's performance, but has a mild resonance that is perfect for daily driving. CJ's carries the Force II system for many model Mustangs.


If you’re only looking for a muffler instead of a full exhaust kit, we offer several product lines from Flowmaster that range from mild to aggressive in tone. For example, those looking for a more intense, throaty sound, check out the Super 44 Series, 40 Series (regular and Delta Flow), and Super 40 Series. For a much more moderate tone, we offer the 50 Series and the Super 50 Series mufflers.

Here at CJ’s, we know how important quality exhaust sound is for any year Mustang. That’s why we’re proud to carry several exhaust and muffler lines that range in resonance from mild to aggressive, and offer better torque, throttle response, power and increased fuel economy.

If you're in the market for a new exhaust system or muffler, Flowmaster makes the perfect product to fit your Mustang and CJ's offers it at a reasonable price!


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