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America's Addiction to Oil [Infographic]

America's Addiction to Oil [Infographic]

America has got an addiction on its hands, and the repercussions could literally grind us to a halt. America is addicted to oil. Over 50 million barrels of oil are pumped each day to feed the world's hunger for fuel, but we are by far the hungriest of the lot.

While the average MPG in our cars continues to rise, we still consume 18 million barrels of oil per day. Across America's highways, 244 million vehicles are on the move at any given time. Paradoxically, we enjoy far cheaper gas than other countries; we are $2.72 under the average cost per gallon, which approaches sky-high prices of nearly $10 a gallon in countries like Norway and Turkey. We seem determined to chug along at our current pace, cutting funding to public transit while we spend millions constructing new highways.

Until recently, cheap gasoline was regularly available, so only modest consideration was given to the fuel economy of a new car or truck. Power and performance was far more important and because those qualities used more gas, their importance ended up being part of the cause of America's oil dependence. However, in last few years, Ford has acknowledged that the inefficient nature of many cars was a problem and has worked hard to do their part to fix it. Through the introduction of several new products, including the efficient EcoBoost engines, Ford has made some steps towards reducing America's dependence on oil. While they haven't confirmed it yet, dozens of rumors are circulating that the 2015 Mustang will feature an EcoBoost four-cylinder, indicating that one of their least efficient products will finally offer a fuel sipping option. Combined with significant weight reductions compared to the current model, it's expected that the new Mustang will use much less gas than any Mustang made before it. When you look at the data below, this step with the 2015 Mustang is one that all manufacturers need to keeping taking and improving on to keep pushing towards using far less oil. Our future depends on it.

America's Addiction to Oil Infographic

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