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Mustang Starters and Alternators by Powermaster Performance

Mustang Starters and Alternators by Powermaster Performance

Powermaster Performance offers high performance Starters and Alternators for early and late model Ford Mustangs. CJ Pony Parts welcomes special guest Brady, the sales manager for Powermaster, who highlights that his company’s products have a wide range of choices to fit just about any application and have been made in excellence by Powermaster for over the past 30 years. From smooth chrome alternators to XS Torque starters, they have 1964-2004 Mustang covered.

All starters and alternators are dyno-tested before they leave the plant in California, and every alternator receives a “Proof of Performance” tag. With this tag, you know you’re getting the best functioning product, which is significant because of many alternators’ problems with fan cooling loss, bearing loss, iron loss, copper loss, and the voltage drop in the diode bridges. 

Powermaster Proof of Performance tagPowermaster offers every type of alternator from a stock replacement 60 amp externally regulated to a 200 amp direct replacement. Powermaster offers several different styles of starters which have different torque ratings, for everything from every day drivers to vehicles with highly modified engines. For example, Brady highlights the XS Torque 200 ft-lb starter, which works to keep heat down during cranking with a feature that allows it to be rotated 360 degrees to clear headers or kick out any obstacle that might be in the way.

With decades of experience making starters and alternators, their products are no longer viewed as simple replacement items, but rather performance necessities. When you’re considering upgrading your Mustang, consider top of the line Powermaster Performance. Whether it’s for use on the street, drag strip, or hotrod type applications, you want the best quality when upgrading such critical parts of your Mustang.


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