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Ford Mustang: A Car or Lifestyle?

Ford Mustang: A Car or Lifestyle?

“It’s amazing how much a hobby can influence your life.” – Sean, Marketing at CJ Pony Parts

Have you ever taken a moment to think back and truly ponder the first time you realized Mustangs were “your car?” Unlike Chevys or Dodges of similar muscle car feel, the Ford Mustang has captured your heart somewhere along line. Perhaps you’re an enthusiast, who not only appreciates all styles of Mustangs, but makes frequent restorations or upgrades to your prized Pony. Or, perhaps, you inherited a Mustang at some point, and while it might not have been your first choice, this brand of car has become your only choice.

Recently, two news stories have been circulating around the Mustang community that not only demonstrate the type of overwhelming devotion many enthusiasts exhibit, but made us here at CJ’s stop to ponder own unique stories.

“I have pictures of me at an amusement park when I couldn't be more than 4-5 years old sitting in a Mustang on a kiddie ride. ...I've loved them as long as I can remember.” –Bill, Product Specialist at CJ Pony Parts

betsy and her pony car

Betsy, born in 1922, purchased her ‘66 Ford Mustang the year it was released, and for the past 47 years, she hasn't owned any other car. At the age of 44, Betsy walked into a California dealership fed up with her Mercury Comet and purchased her Mustang for a whopping $3,009. Far from a speed junkie, but interested in a bit more horsepower for those cross-country cruises, Betsy upgraded the base inline-6 to a V8; the rest remains unrestored or unmodified to this day. One of her fondest memories includes driving across country in her Mustang to see the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C., and her family recalls many holidays where she’d arrive with the back of her Mustang nearly overflowing with presents. Many may not regard Betsy as an enthusiast by common definition, but the decades of memories created in her ’66 Mustang and the fondness she has for it after 47 years is a devotion we at CJ’s can admire.

"I have been a fan of Mustangs since the Foxbody. There was just something about the car that pulled me in." –Steve, Forum Administrator at CJ Pony Parts 

“Once I jumped on the Mustang wagon, I couldn't get back off.” Sean 

Allan Fearnley

Very few are able to make a career out of something they’re truly passionate about, but that can’t be said of 28-year-old Allan Fearnley. Making good on his passion for Mustangs and following several attempts at alternative careers, Allan founded Wild Horses in 2011. Cleverly named, Wild Horses is a United Kingdom restoration shop specializing in high-end restorations and creating bespoke Mustangs for clients. From the age of 19, Allan didn’t give up on his dream of founding a Mustang business, and his perseverance paid off after only nine years of planning and hard work. Wild Horses is currently the only specialist garage in Scotland that creates bespoke Mustangs, a niche that has swiftly glided Allan towards a success that many companies don’t experience while still in their infancy.

“I get up every day to go to work, but it never feels like I am actually going to a job.” –Rick, Product Development at CJ Pony Parts

“Even when you're having one of those days where nothing goes your way, at the end of the day, my office is a warehouse full of Mustangs. ...Nothing bad about that.” Bill

Bill in Gotta Have It Race

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