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New fuel tanks for classic Mustangs can save money!

New fuel tanks for classic Mustangs can save money!

Everyone's noticed gas prices skyrocketing in recent years. It doesn't help that most classic Mustangs are fuel hogs. So, make sure you're not wasting a drop of gas by keeping your fuel tank is in top shape.

If your 1965-1970 Mustang still has the original fuel tank, after more than 40 years on the road, it can be in really rough shape. It could even be leaking or not sending fuel to the engine as it should. That can cost you lots of money, especially as gas prices continue to go higher. To fix this, CJ's recommends one of our fuel tanks or fuel tank kits.

CJ Pony Parts offers three different fuel tank styles for you to choose from:

  • Standard Fuel Tanks: Features an interior rust coating and comes in the same capacity as the original.
  • Premium Fuel Tanks: Made in the USA and features a heavier coating. They are also pressure tested by the manufacturer.
  • Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks: Perfect for show cars, it's fully stainless steel to prevent any rust issues.

While CJ's offers each fuel tank individually, we also offer fuel tank kits, allowing you to upgrade the fuel tank, sending unit, filler hose and all of the hardware. Watch Bill's overview of CJ's fuel tanks and kits before you make your any purchase decision. Whether you install just the tank, or a full fuel tank kit, you'll definitely have the piece of mind that you're not wasting any of the $60 or more in gas that you're purchasing at each fill up.

Bill also installed a brand new Fuel Tank Kit for 1965-1968 Mustangs into a 1966 Mustang convertible that was in for work at CJ Pony Service. With a massive dent in the middle of the tank, this '66 convertible's fuel tank definitely needed replacement. In the video, Bill walks you through the steps of draining the tank, removing the filler hose, sending unit and the tank itself, then assembling and reinstalling the new kit. It'll only take you about an hour and just requires some hand tools that you probably have readily available.

So, if you've noticed some leaking gas, or other damage to your current fuel tank, make sure you're not wasting any precious fuel by installing a new Mustang fuel tank or fuel tank kit!


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