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Dynacorn Floor Pans fix Fox Body Mustang rust!

Dynacorn Floor Pans fix Fox Body Mustang rust!

Quite a few Mustang enthusiasts have owned a Fox Body Mustang at some point in their lives, but not everyone has realized that the Fox Body is now over 20 years old. With that age can come a good bit of rust, so Dynacorn jumped in to supply a solution, with a floor pan that can help keep your Fox Body Mustang on the road for years to come.

No matter what year or style of 1979-1993 Mustang you have, Dynacorn has a floor pan for you. There's two offerings: A One-Piece Floor Pan for Automatic Transmissions and a One-Piece Floor Pan for Manual Transmissions. Both parts are exact fits for coupe and hatchback models, while minor trimming is required for convertibles. The only difference between the two parts is the hole that is cut in the manual transmission version for the gearshift, with the holes already pre-drilled for your top boot. The automatic version doesn't have a hole, allowing you to use the stock shifter or an aftermarket version, mounted wherever you choose.

Both products feature the original-style stamping, with all of the factory holes already pre-drilled. Each of the reinforcements for the seats, seat belts and emergency brake are included. Dynacorn also added an additional brace in the rear seat area, which was a common area of failure in many Fox Body Mustangs. Basically, everything that was included on the original floor pan, plus a few  necessary additions, are here on the new Dynacorn parts, making it a perfect replacement.

If you have major floor pan rust issues, or you're working to restore your aging Fox Body back into original condition, these Dynacorn Floor Pans offer a perfect foundation!


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