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SEMA 2012: Ford Racing unveils Twin Turbo Cobra Jet concept!

SEMA 2012: Ford Racing unveils Twin Turbo Cobra Jet concept!

We all know the current Cobra Jet Mustang is already really fast. However, Ford Racing just upped the ante by unveiling a new Cobra Jet concept at SEMA that is EVEN FASTER!

Both the current Cobra Jet Mustang and the concept share the Mustang's 5.0L Coyote V8, but that's where the similarities end. The current production model utilizes 2.9L Whipple supercharger, which adds a bunch of power to the car, but also uses as much as 100 horsepower from the big V8 to operate, which means that power is never hitting the road.

Cobra JetFor the new concept, Ford Racing snagged a pair of twin turbos that are much smaller, and actually quite similar to the ones in the Ford Focus ST. The engine uses the same technology that went into the EcoBoost engines and, in fact, was designed by an engineer who also worked on the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 in the Ford F-150. While no power numbers have been released (the brochure just says "Tire Frying!"), we know there are big increases, as most of the 100 horsepower from the supercharger's operation is back, plus the additional power that the new twin turbos pump out.

No clue on how much faster the concept will run on the track, but the current Cobra Jet runs eight second quarter miles, so we're expecting a bit better from the Twin Turbo Cobra Jet concept, should it ever regularly hit the track.

Cobra Jet 2There's been no word on whether the Twin Turbo Cobra Jet concept will ever see production. The technology in the engine likely will, however, since it is already a preview of the technology that will be used in the EcoBoost engine coming in the new 2015 Mustang, as both use twin turbos based on those in the Ford Focus ST. In fact, it's already been confirmed that the new Mustang is getting an EcoBoost 4 cylinder, also from the Ford Focus ST. However, we wonder if the new twin turbo V8 might be a hint that we will we see more EcoBoost engines in the future?

However, the really big question remains: Will this amazing Twin Turbo Cobra Jet ever get produced?

Sources: Ford Racing/Autoblog


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