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Install a Push Button Start Kit onto your 2005-2013 Mustang

Install a Push Button Start Kit onto your 2005-2013 Mustang

Do you want the ease of push button starting for your 2005-2013 Mustang? Check out Silverhorse Racing's Push Button Start Kits, which are some of the highest quality and best looking kits on the market. We loved them so much that kits were just installed on both Gotta Have It Race and Gotta Have It Street.

These Silverhorse Racing Push Button Start Kits are available with numerous options, making it easy to get any look or setup you desire. Three colors are available: Red, blue and the obvious choice for our Gotta Have Builds Mustangs, green. The button itself replaces the power outlet and door in the center dash, and the Tru-Billet replacement door can come in either brushed satin anodized, gloss black anodized or triple-chrome plated finishes, with two engraving options--'GT' or 'Silverhorse Racing'--or just a smooth, non-engraved appearance. Numerous wiring options exist too, which will allow the button to remain illuminated anytime the key is in the ignition, or work in conjunction with the emergency brake to turn the light off once the car is running and the brake is released. The car can also be wired to start from only the button, or the key and the button. While these options are specific to 2010-2013, Mustangs built between 2005 and 2009 have similar kits, only without the Tru-Billet replacement door and engraving.

For Gotta Have It Race, we installed a black, non-engraved, green Push Button Start Kit, while Gotta Have It Street received a black, 'GT' engraved kit. Both kits were wired so the key and the button worked to start the car, and the push button's light on each car turned off once the parking brake was disengaged.

Rick shows exactly how to install one of our Push Button Start Kits in today's installation video. While Silverhorse Racing provides outstanding instructions that details each of the 52 steps required to install the Push Button Start Kits, Rick breaks down these steps for you and guides you through this installation. For a person of average mechanical ability, this installation will take more than an hour and only requires basic hand tools. The video shows the Push Button Start Kit being installed on Gotta Have It Race, though Rick notes that the installation was very similar on Gotta Have It Street

Thanks to Silverhorse Racing for providing each of these kits!


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