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2015 Mustang Rendered Again!

2015 Mustang Rendered Again!

Each passing day brings a new rumor about the 2015 Ford Mustang. Today, we have new renderings!

all new 2015 mustang

This rendering is brought to us by Inside Line. While the design is similar to some of the ones that we have posted in the last few months, there are a few things that have evolved since then. The most noticeable change is the front end design. It's dramatically different from the current Mustang's retro look and is a big change from other renderings we've seen, most of which have been a modernized version of the current design. 

However, the new Mustang's renderings do keep the traditional long hood/short deck proportions that have become very well-known as "Mustang." The rear end also keeps the familiar light bar with the triple lens taillights.

However, while many have mentioned how similar the car is to the Evos concept that we shared last September, it is also very similar to the new 2013 Ford Fusion, especially when looking at the front end styling. While the 2013 Fusion and the 2015 Mustang rendering are both based on the Evos, we're wondering--are they too similar? What do you think?

Comparison Shot

Inside Line also shares more about the rest of the car, beyond the design. They're sharing many of the same rumors that we've been hearing since last year:

  • The new Mustang will be smaller. It'll have a lot less sheet metal and a few more curves and will be sleeker and much less bulky than the current Mustang.
  • It'll be a world car. The Mustang will now be sold all over the world, but we're not sure exactly which markets outside the United States will actually be getting the new pony car. Will there be a right-hand drive version?
  • It is going to move to an independent rear suspension. After decades of using a straight axle rear end, the new suspension will improve performance and drive-ability.
  • The engines are staying the same, at least initially. Eventually, we are likely going to see an EcoBoost four cylinder with similar power to the current V-6, yet much better mileage. That engine just might not be available for the 2015 model year.

With these rumors being repeated over and over, we're getting more and more confident that these are some of the things we'll be seeing in the next Mustang. The timeline for the Mustang's release also looks the same--we're still expecting to get our first glimpses of the new Mustang at the 2014 New York Auto Show, less than two years away.

What do you think of the latest renderings?

rear end of 2015 mustang

Source: Inside Line


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