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Steve Saleen regains control of Saleen brand

Steve Saleen regains control of Saleen brand

Five years after resigning from Saleen, Inc., Steve Saleen announced today that he has successfully regained control of the Saleen brand name and products. This means that soon many classic Saleen products will begin reappearing, along with some amazing new products, including those that Mr. Saleen has been offering under his SMS Supercars brand, which will be carefully merged into the Saleen brand.

2013 saleen mustangWhat's more exciting is that Saleen will be launching 4V, SC, SSC, and X models of the 2013 Mustang! These models will range from 425 horsepower to over 750 horsepower and will have the latest technology in Aerodynamics, Suspension, Braking, and Performance. Plus, they'll start at less than $40,000!

The full range of Saleen products are going to be available to every Saleen dealer, along with speed shops, race teams and automotive customers in the American Pony Car segment of the performance market. All of the aftermarket options will include: Saleen superchargers, SMS superchargers, Saleen and SMS vehicle body components for the Mustang, plus Mr. Saleen's signature SMS butterfly hoods and other interior/engine parts.

Not only that, but Mr. Saleen plans to make all 1984-2013 aftermarket, replacement and warranty parts available to consumers directly through the website, your nearest Saleen dealer, or by calling the Saleen company directly.

Mr. SaleenFor those who own branded cars from SMS Supercars, Mr. Saleen intends to update the official Saleen Owner's Registry to include each of the SMS branded cars, which finally gives them their rightful place in the Saleen family. Finally, any owner of a SMS Supercars branded vehicle may request replacement Saleen badging for their cars--just contact Saleen directly and the badges will be sent out immediately.

Overall, this is HUGE news for Saleen fans and great news for Mr. Saleen! We're glad he's back at the helm of Saleen and look forward to seeing what he has in store for future Saleen Mustangs.

Source: Mustangs Daily


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