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Preview the new Shelby 1000 as production begins!

Preview the new Shelby 1000 as production begins!

With the first Shelby 1000 now being built at Shelby's facility in Las Vegas, this week's video seemed like a great opportunity to preview the most powerful production 2012 Mustang available.

The Shelby 1000, which was unveiled just a few weeks ago at the New York Auto Show, starts as a stock 2012 GT500 Mustang. From there, it gets pretty heavily modified, with a big supercharger going on the 5.4L V-8, which is also modified. The installation photos illustrate just a bit of what's going on, as does the note below from Shelby's Speed Shop Director.

New Shelby 1000“We didn’t simply turn up the boost to get this level of horsepower,” explained Gil Navarrez, Shelby American’s Speed Shop director.  “We took the serious hot rod approach by taking Ford’s 5.4 liter engine down to the block, and beefed up the internals by machining it for new rods, crank and pistons.  We also flowed the heads, revamped the cooling and improved the exhaust.  With a choice of a Kenne- Bell 3.6 liter or the new Whipple 4.0 liter supercharger and tune, it will crank out serious power all day long.”

The result is 950 horsepower in the street version and 1,100 horsepower in the track version (through the use of race fuel and other minor modifications).

Only 100 are being built.

The cost is $149,995 for the street Shelby 1000, while the track version, the Shelby 1000 Track S/C, starts at $154,995. For both cars, this is in addition to the cost of a new 2012 GT500, so a completed Shelby 1000 is expected to run roughly $200,000.

If you're interested in ordering one, contact Shelby American directly.

In the meantime, enjoy this week's video of the Shelby 1000 on the track, and the pictures of the first Shelby 1000 being produced.

Shelby 1000 Mustang

Sources: Road & Track/Mustangs Daily 


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