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Big turnout at the first Friday Cruise Night!

Big turnout at the first Friday Cruise Night!

On an absolutely beautiful Friday evening, more than two dozen Mustangs, motorcycles, trucks and cars visited the CJ Pony Service parking lot for the first of this summer's Cruise Nights!

There was a wide variety of vehicles in attendance on Friday: Quite a few classics, and many modern vehicles. The Mustangs in attendance spanned nearly the entire 48 years of Mustang history. They included a pair of mid-1960s GT350s, and several 2010-2012s. Outside of the Mustangs, there was also a 2011 Ford Raptor, a classic 1964 VW Beetle, a SRT Neon, many motorcycles and even a beautiful early Chevy! Owners enjoyed plenty of time to check out each others rides, get to know one another, and share a few ideas for modifications or installation tips. It was also a great chance to meet Bill Tumas and the CJ Pony Service team!

Photo from Cruise Night

Friday's Cruise Night was the first of many that will happen during the summer of 2012! On the second Friday of every month, any car, truck, van or motorcycle is invited to head over to the CJ Pony Service parking lot. The event runs from 6 to 9 p.m. and is a great time to meet other owners, check out some cool cars, and have a great time!

Hope to see you at the next CJ Pony Service Cruise Night on Friday, May 11!


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