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Video of the Week: The 2013 GT500 Hits the Track

Video of the Week: The 2013 GT500 Hits the Track

As we get closer and closer to delivery of our own 2013 Mustang GTs, we thought that a video of world famous rally racer and Top Gear co-host Tanner Foust taking a brand-new 2013 Shelby GT500 out on the track would be perfect for this week's video of the week. Foust got behind the wheel of both a coupe and convertible for a few laps on the Virginia International Raceway. The in-car video features the convertible handling the track with ease, while the exterior shots show similar smoothness from the coupe.

We're slightly envious of Foust's opportunity, and can't wait to get some wheel time in our own 2013 Mustang GTs--Gotta Have It Race and Gotta Have It Street (check back very early next week for a Gotta Have It Street preview!).

However, we want to ask you: If given the opportunity and a choice of where to go, where would you drive a new 2013 Mustang?

Source: StangTV


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