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A Closer Look at Gotta Have It Street!

A Closer Look at Gotta Have It Street!

As we mentioned in last week's closer look at Gotta Have It Race, we are going to follow up this week with a closer look at Gotta Have It Street!

Gotta Have It Street is going to blow your mind!

We're envisioning a head turning, jaw dropping Mustang that performs as good as it looks.

Gotta Have It Street is going to be getting tons of awesome parts--the same ones you're buying for your Mustang! Our goal with Gotta Have it Street is to have a Mustang that not only goes fast, but also provides that extra 'flash' you need at car shows. Here's a few of the upgrades we are thinking about working on first:

  • Lowering the car and putting it on some big, aggressive wheels and tires
  • A nice, loud exhaust
  • A rear spoiler
  • A new grille
  • A tuner
  • An intake
  • Interior upgrades

We plan for Gotta Have It Street to be busy traveling over the next few months! You'll definitely see the car at the All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle and at Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, plus we have plans to visit several local car shows, cruises and autocross events. Both Gotta Have it Street and Gotta Have It Race will also be traveling to the MIR NMRA event in Maryland and Fun Ford Weekends. You might even see Gotta Have it Street at an open track event or two at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia or the Pocono Raceway. You gotta come see it this summer!

We're getting closer and closer to Ford building our Gotta Have It Race and Gotta Have It Street. We're expecting our VINs any day now, and you'll be the first to know when we get them. Meanwhile, our excitement builds every day, especially when we see pictures like this--do you see one of our Gotta Have Builds?

Do you see Gotta Have It Race or Gotta Have It Street?

Are you coming to see Gotta Have It Street this summer? Where do you want to see us this year?


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