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See the latest 2015 Mustang renderings…

See the latest 2015 Mustang renderings…

With the excitement surrounding our upcoming 2013 Mustang purchases, we haven't really thought much about the 2015 Mustangs in the last few weeks. However, Popular Hot Rodding released several new artist renderings of what the 2015 Mustang might look like, so we thought we'd share them and seek your input:

2015 mustang Rendering

renderings of 2015 mustang

Looking at the renderings, the design is definitely radically different. Gone are most of the retro styling cues. They're replaced with a very futuristic sports car that only retains a few design cues from the current model, particularly in the rear with similar style taillights. What you can't see from the drawings is that the car is still predicted to be a world car, with input from Ford designers worldwide, and smaller and lighter than before. It'll also have an independent rear suspension, replacing the solid rear axle, and an EcoBoost four cylinder.

After looking at the latest renderings, what do you think? Do you like this possible look for the 2015 Mustang?

Source: Mustangs Daily / Popular Hot Rodding

2015 mustang concept

2015 ford mustang Rendering


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