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Rare Find: Buy a 1965 Mustang…station wagon?

Rare Find: Buy a 1965 Mustang…station wagon?

Early on in the Mustang's life, there were many rumors of a super-secret project to design a Mustang station wagon.

A  prototype was even created and was documented in many photos and magazine articles. While no one is sure if that specific station wagon is still in existence, several other talented individuals have created their own Mustang station wagon. Now, today, a 1965 Ford Mustang station wagon is up for sale. It's one of the most unique Mustang's you will ever see.

ford mustang station wagon

The designer, Joe Kamp, used a well maintained original 1965 Mustang coupe as a base. He cut, lengthened, slightly widened the original roof and installed it utilizing the original C-pillars in the back of the car. Then he fashioned a tailgate and rear window area using portions of the hardtop and deck lid. The rest of the car was trimmed with original or period moldings. The design was intended to retain the car's sporty image, so there's a slight slope to the roof, along with the retention of the rear quarter windows. The signature Mustang taillights are also part of the design, along with gold Shelby stripes. The finish work was outstanding as well.

Instead of utilizing the 1965's 289 engine, Kamp dropped in a 5.0 V-8, which is essentially the same size, but offers a lot more power, adaptability and a massive aftermarket parts industry. While it might look OEM, the inclusion of the Ford EEC-IV engine management system, including mass-air induction system, and a more modern T5 5 Speed Manual transmission and Hurst shifter, gives the car a late model feel despite its 1965 look. The rest of the car has been modified to handle the increased power and weight of the engine and allows the car to be a comfortable highway cruiser.

mustang station wagon interior

The interior, too, is unique. It sports a bench style front seat, perfect for a wagon, and a custom center console, all trimmed in brown vinyl. The backseat is the one standard to a 1965 coupe. Air conditioning has been added, and, while the original AM radio still hangs on, an AM/FM/CD stereo was added in the custom console.

So, do you want this one-of-a-kind Mustang station wagon? It's for sale. For only $54,900, you can own it! Contact RK Motors Charlotte for more details or to inquire about making the purchase!

Are you interested? What do you think of a 1965 Mustang station wagon?

Source: RK Motors Charlotte



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