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A Closer Look at Gotta Have It Race!

A Closer Look at Gotta Have It Race!

While we’re waiting for our Gotta Have Builds 2013 Mustang GTs to hit the assembly line at the Ford Mustang plant, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some of our plans for the cars, and let you know where we want to visit with them, so you can make plans to come check them out for yourself!

This week, our focus is on the Gotta Have It Race Mustang!

CJ Pony Service is going to be working hard on Gotta Have It Race to reach their goal of having the fastest naturally aspirated 5.0 Mustangs on the drag strip!

To start, we'll be hitting the dyno at In Tune Autoworks, our go-to dyno shop for over a year, just down the road from CJ's. In Tune Autoworks will be using a Mustang Dyno during testing, which is known to record power readings 10-15% lower than a Dynojet.

Once our baseline dyno is done, Gotta Have It Race will be heading down to the drag strip at Cecil County Dragway, where Bill Tumas, our CJ Pony Service Manager, runs his personal Mustangs. We are hoping the car is built and delivered to CJ’s before April 21st, so it can be  entered in the JLP Shootout at the Cecil County Dragway. That event will allow us to get a good baseline for the car and see what our future competition will be like.

After our baseline runs at the JLP Shootout, we plan to enter the Super Stang class at the MIR NMRA event in Maryland on May 4-6th, and the Fun Ford Weekend at the Maple Grove Raceway on August 17-18. We're also considering a number of other events that are within a 3-4 hour range of CJ's and have a good class for our Gotta Have It Race to enter. You might also see us in the CJ Pony Parts - Rally Dixie 2012 in June or on The Hot Rod Power Tour.

In terms of drag times, our first goal is to break the stock intake to pan record, which currently stands at 11.37@118 (and was achieved with an automatic Mustang). Once that's been beaten, we're gunning for the current stock longblock naturally aspirated record of 10.88@125, which was achieved on a 6-speed Mustang, like Gotta Have It Race. Both of those records are current as posted on the S197 Forum.

Will you be coming out to see Gotta Have It Race at the track, or do you think your Mustang has what it takes to beat it?


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