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Video of the Week: Everything Boss 302!

Video of the Week: Everything Boss 302!

We're starting a new feature here on the Mustang blog: The Video of the Week! Once a week, we'll scour the Internet to find an awesome Mustang video and bring it to you, right here!

This week, we're starting with a video all about the Boss 302. Just recently, Donald Farr published Ford Mustang Boss 302: From Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car. Farr sits down in legendary car guy (and late show host) Jay Leno's garage to talk about his new book and the Boss 302. Their in-depth conversion also covered Parnelli Jones (who wrote the foreword in the book), racing and much more in this week's video. Enjoy!

Once you take a look at the video, order the book from CJ's! It's available for order on our website, by phone, or you can place your order by stopping in the showroom! It's a great gift for any Mustang and Boss 302 fan!

Have a great weekend!

Sources: StangNet/Jay Leno's Garage


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