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Barrett-Jackson Wrap Up: Original 1965 Shelby GT350 sold for $385,000

Barrett-Jackson Wrap Up: Original 1965 Shelby GT350 sold for $385,000

In the last of our last Barrett-Jackson posts, we'd like to mention the sale of the rare 1965 Shelby GT350 that had been stored (and likely long forgotten) in a barn in the middle of nowhere! This car sold over the weekend for $385,000, fetching that forgetful owner a nice chunk of change. It also was the highest bid for a Mustang, beating the second place bid getter by $85,000.

The owner found this rare 'Stang in 2009 under a pile of junk in a barn in California. It has just 44,000 original miles on it and is not restored, yet is in remarkably good condition, except for a bit of fading on the racing stripes. The only work that has been done is a bit of work on the engine, so it would run after sitting so long. It even came with every possible piece of documentation, including the original California black plates. According to the records, it had been rather well maintained before it's extended storage, which likely explains the great condition.

While we congratulate the new owner on their new Mustang, we wonder what they should do with his new, rare Mustang gem? Should he fix it up and hit the road? Or should he make it a museum piece, to celebrate the car's rarity and history?

What would you do?

1965 Shelby GT350


Sources: StangTV/Mustangs Daily


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