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Ford unveils Mustang Boss 302SX & Gotta Have It Green

Ford unveils Mustang Boss 302SX & Gotta Have It Green

In the last few weeks, there's been lots of new news on the 2013 Boss 302 Mustang, both before and during the PRI show in Miami. First, photos were uncovered of a potential new Boss 302 color, Gotta Have It Green. Then, at PRI, Ford Racing announced the new Boss 302SX.

First, a new picture posted on the Boss 302 forums seems to indicate that Gotta Have It Green is on its way for 2013! While it had been initially reported that this color was going to be one of the options for 2013, nobody had yet seen one until the Boss 302 forums posted their spy photo. Now it seems like it's pretty likely that it will be an option for the Boss 302. There's even some indication that it might be an option for all Mustangs, especially since the car in the picture doesn't seem to be a Boss 302. Take a look at the picture below--what's your take? Do you want a Gotta Have It Green Boss 302 or even a regular Mustang in that shade?

Gotta Have It Green

Next, at PRI this week, Ford introduced the Mustang Boss 302SX concept vehicle. This is described as the "ultimate track day car" and falls in between the Boss 302S and the Boss 302R race car. According to Mustangs Daily, the car features a Coyote 5.0 V8 that produces over 500 horsepower and utilizes the same intake manifold from the Cobra Jet. It has the same 6 speed manual transmission as the Boss 302R, as well as an upgraded oil cooler, fuel system and Ford Racing mufflers. The chassis has been tuned for racing, and the car also features lightweight wheels with racing slicks, Brembo brakes, and a specially calibrated ABS system. Inside, a FIA-spec 6-point roll cage, a single Recaro race seat and a quick release steering wheel dominate a simple interior. There's also a data acquisition system to record lap times. 

Ford Boss 302SX's engine

This car is still a concept and may never get produced, though Ford Racing is "testing the waters" and seeking feedback to see whether “there is a market for a car that is a step above the Boss 302S.” Check it out in the photos below, and let us hear your thoughts!

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