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Dynacorn unveils 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible shell!

Dynacorn unveils 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible shell!

This post might seem a little like déjà vu, as you might recall seeing a similar headline on this blog less than two months ago. However, we assure you that this isn't déjà vu...Dynacorn has just launched another outstanding new body shell, this time for the 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible! This adds to Dynacorn's lineup of body shells, which also includes shells for 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970 Mustang fastbacks, and 1964.5-1966 convertibles.

This latest product is also an official Ford licensed product, which means that the 1967 convertible body shell has met or exceeded the fit, finish and quality of the original 1967 convertible's body.

Mustang Convertible Shell

Dennis Mondrach, Ford Restoration Parts licensing manager says, “The new ’67 convertible body shell gives restorers a super-solid foundation on which to build their dream pony car.”

Dynacorn International, who manufactures the 1967 Ford Mustang convertible body shell, says they worked hard to match the original body shell and make it better. The body panels are assembled from modern, automotive-grade virgin steel that is slightly thicker than the original steel, and welded using modern techniques. They also have added reinforcements to areas known to experience stress, so they could add additional strength and rigidity to the new convertible body shell.

No matter what, though, this new body shell removes a lot of the hassle of restoring a '67 convertible. Instead of picking through junkyards and barns to find enough parts in good condition so you can restore what you have, this new shell can eliminate that expensive and time consuming step and get you started with a product that's rustproofed, primed and ready to go!

Once you get your shell, CJ Pony Parts has dozens of parts to help you continue to outfit and finish off your 1967 Mustang convertible. The body shell can be built to nearly any specification and parts like the electrical system, suspension, brakes and even the engine can be bought new or transferred from an existing 1967 Mustang convertible.

The 1967 Ford Mustang convertible body shell will be coming to CJ Pony Parts sometime in 2012. We will let you know as soon as it's available!

Mustang Convertible Shell 2

Sources: Mustangs Daily/Motor Authority


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