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Check out the 2013 Mustang’s logo projector

Check out the 2013 Mustang’s logo projector

When you think about many brand names, a certain image comes to mind. Chevy has their bow tie logo. Ford has the blue oval that appears on nearly every car. And the Mustang has the familiar galloping/running horse logo. However, designers and brand managers are working to project that running horse image even further with a unique new addition on the 2013 Mustang.

The picture above shows off the new logo projector that's fitted into the side mirror of the 2013 edition and shines the running horse onto the ground beside the vehicle every time a driver hits the button to unlock the doors. (We did take notice that the photo shows the example on a Shelby GT500, whose logo is a snake, yet still shines the running horse.) While it took six or seven tries for engineers to get it right, the result was so incredibly captivating that it shut down the assembly line so every worker could take a look.

Meanwhile, there's absolutely no functional reason for the logo projector beyond aesthetics, but it certainly does look very least in pictures. We'd love to see one in person.

We're wondering if this is the beginning of a new trend or gimmick in auto design. Will you be seeing an oval when you go to unlock your new 2014 Ford Focus or a bow tie when you unlock your next Silverado?

What do you think of this part of the new 2013 Mustang?

Source: Autoblog




I've got this feature on our Mustang but it doesn't seem to work.....or I'm just too stupid to get it to work. Not sure if I like it or not since I can't seem to get them to come on. Any help would be appreciated.

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