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More pictures and insider information on the 2013 Mustang

More pictures and insider information on the 2013 Mustang

Less than a week after the new 2013 Mustang was unveiled, Road & Track has released a good bit of insider information on the testing of the GT500 that was completed by Ford and SVT at the Nürburgring earlier this year. These details had been kept secret for months, but here's a look at some of the more interesting details, starting with some information on the all-new supercharged V-8:

“The new 5.4-liter aluminum V-8, introduced in 2011, is now bored to its maximum intended size of 5.8 liters, a capacity that engineers had allowed for in the block but never really expected to use. New pistons are used with oil squirters for improved cooling, requiring a higher-capacity oil pump. The cast-aluminum oil pan is larger now by 1.5 quarts, and replaces the stamped steel pan. The forged crank is about the same, but better balanced with a titanium slug to support a new redline of 7000 rpm, up from 6250. Topping it off is an Eaton-supplied 4-lobe TVS style supercharger breathing through a larger 3-row intercooler, up from a 2-row.”

2013 Mustang

They also had a few new notes on improved 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile times:

“Of special note is the 2.66 1st gear that, with the 3.31 final drive, will get the GT500 to about 62 mph at 7000 rpm. So a dramatic 0–60 improvement is expected, and combined with an extra 100 horsepower the quarter-mile time could likely drop by a half second.”

Also on the improved handling:

“Compared to the 2011 car, the 2013 car is far sharper and precise in its body motions. Pitch and roll in Sport mode are almost nonexistent.”

Finally, we also have to mention that the official top speed for the new GT500 has been released: 202 mph. You can check out the full article (and it's a good one!) at Road & Truck's website. Meanwhile, enjoy a few more pictures of the various versions of the new 2013 Mustang and the B-Roll footage of the new GT500.

2013 Mustang

Sources: Road & Track/Mustangs Daily


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