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Looking ahead to the 2015 Mustang!

Looking ahead to the 2015 Mustang!

Now that the 2013 Mustang refresh has been fully revealed and will soon be in showrooms, it's time to ramp up speculation on the all-new 2015 Mustang that will be released in just two years! Our latest information comes through StangTV from a source on the Mustang Evolution forums who claims to be a Mustang parts supplier for 2013 Mustang and the all-new 2015 Pony car. This poster provides several interesting insights on the new Mustang, but, while we have our doubts as to the validity of these statements, they do seem to fit with some of the other news that's been reported so far, so we thought we'd pass it along. Now that we've shared that little disclaimer, let's get on with the speculation...

  • Design: He's saying the car will have "limited" retro cues and will look much more contemporary and modern than the current models do. He says that it's "a modern day 99-04 with a little Aston Martin DBS and Nissan 370Z in the rear three quarter view." He describes the car as muscular, curvy and edgy, though it will have a lower roof line to accommodate a sleeker rake to the windshield and flared rear fenders for a wider stance. It will also have independent rear suspension and world class handling/performance.
  • Positioning: According to our source, "The car is going slightly upmarket in style and quality to compete with BMW/Audi/Nissan. Fit and finish will be close to or on par with the Audi S5." We're not sure exactly what this means for price, but there's a possibility that the new Mustang might be a bit pricier than the current model, but it might be a bit more of a quality product, too.

The image above is another rendering of what the car might look like.

Like we said from the beginning, this is all just speculation, perhaps from an insider. Have you heard anything about the 2015 that we haven't shared yet? Let us know!

Sources: StangTV/Mustang Evolution forums



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