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Ford to announce TracKey availability at SEMA!

Ford to announce TracKey availability at SEMA!

Last year, when Ford introduced the Boss 302 into the Mustang community, one of the coolest proposed parts of the new model was the TracKey, which, when inserted, would recalibrate the Mustang into a true track performer. However, since then, no one has heard when those keys would actually be made available to Boss 302 owners. Well, now we have your answer!

As reported by both StangTV and Mustangs Daily, Ford is planning to announce the delivery date at the upcoming SEMA show on November 2, or about two and a half weeks from today. The biggest holdup was the California Air Resource Board's (CARB) highly restrictive emissions laws. Essentially, their laws state that any modification that improves performance cannot increase emissions. Many other states also voluntarily adhere to the emissions laws enforced in California.Therefore, Ford had to prove to CARB that the TracKey didn't produce more emissions gases in the Boss 302, which ended up taking awhile, though finally was completed recently.

Supposedly, the TracKey modifies over 300 parameters on the Boss 302 Mustang, giving owners a much more lively and exciting driving experience. As we head into another weekend, the TracKey's launch is just another reason to celebrate! Enjoy your weekend!

Sources: StangTV/Mustangs Daily


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