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CJ’s makes upgrading upholstery easy with the NEW Upholstery Selector!

CJ’s makes upgrading upholstery easy with the NEW Upholstery Selector!

Are you tired of looking at old, worn out upholstery in your 1964.5-1993 Mustang? CJ's offers a wide selection of upholstery options for you to give your interior a fresh, younger look and, now, it's even easier to restore or restyle your Mustang's upholstery with CJ's NEW Upholstery Selector! This new tool makes it MUCH easier for you to determine what fits your Mustang, and to decide what style you want. Check it out!

CJ's Upholstery Selector homepage

Once you're on the Upholstery Selector, you'll find out how easy it is to use. Just use the categories on the left to narrow your search results by model year, body style, and color. We've worked hard to make sure there's more than 1,500 options to choose from, including the most popular Mustang upholsterers, Distinctive Industries and TMI, and with several styles, including Standard, Deluxe, Pony, Mach 1 and Sport upholstery. With our Upholstery Selector's unique ability to narrow search results, you can find your new upholstery in a matter of seconds!

So, check it out! Buying upholstery for your Mustang has NEVER been this easy!


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