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2011 Cruising for a Cause: Buffalo to Kansas City

2011 Cruising for a Cause: Buffalo to Kansas City

Mary Coffey, whom we profiled last Friday, has driven from Buffalo to Kansas City this week with her Pink Pony on the first legs of her journey from Buffalo to Burbank, "Cruising for a Cause," to raise awareness of breast cancer and money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Along the way, Mary's had several awesome events and great memories to share from her journey, and we thought we'd give you a brief update.

2011 Cruising for a Cause

The cruise began around noon last Saturday, October 1, with downright cold and rainy weather as Mary departed Buffalo with an entourage of Mustangs, and drove on to Erie, meeting up with a few more Mustangs from the Lake Erie Mustang Owners Club and joining them for dinner, then ending the day in Cleveland. That night, Mary detailed her Pink Pony for the next day's car show, where she spent most of Sunday talking to people and promoting her cause. On Monday, Mary's day began with a trip to Skilman Ford and their classic car museum, followed by some time at The Suds (a local drive in restaurant whose owner also has a Saleen) for lunch and Incredible Pizza for a dinner with more incredible people with incredible cars, and finally on her way to Indianapolis for the night.

On Tuesday, Mary headed towards Chicago, Illinois and enjoyed a gathering of muscle cars at the SuperDawg in Wheeling, IL. She specifically mentions an awesome Plum Crazy Challenger, a couple with matching Grabber Blue Mustangs, and an amazing Rainbow Purple Saleen that joined in the event and were cars she particularly liked. She also mentions a beautiful black Cobra who showed up, not having a clue what was going on but wanting to hang out with some fellow Mustang owners.

A few of the cars at SuperDawg!

The remainder of the week, Wednesday and Thursday, included drives to Des Moines and Kansas City, along with a few minor repairs to the Pink Pony, after nearly a week of hard driving. Friday will be a busy day, with a TV appearance, lunch at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, and a cruise at the Bass Pro Shop in Olathe, Kansas. Follow along on the Buffalo to Burbank Facebook page, or Mary's blog. Don't forget, if Mary's Pink Pony isn't coming to your area, you can make a donation of your own and support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Or, if you choose, SSBC is donating 5% of all their sales this month to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Browse our line of SSBC Products.

Source: Buffalo to Burbank Blog


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