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Roush announces new Hyper Series RS3 Mustang

Roush announces new Hyper Series RS3 Mustang

Earlier this week, the gang over at Roush launched a special, limited edition version of the 2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang dubbed the Hyper Series. This car, essentially, builds on the horsepower and handling offered on the RS3 and adds one of four limited edition custom exterior appearance packages to set it apart.

Each of the RS 3 Hyper Series Mustangs starts out as a standard Roush Stage 3 Mustang with a black base coat. From there, buyers can choose from one of four color options: "Mat It Mango," "Gas It Green," "Punch It Purple," and "Launch It Lemon." The color package is applied to an exterior graphic package and a rear faux gas cap. The color also carries to the interior, where it'll appear on suede door panels, leather seating and the shift boot stitching. They also come with two shifter balls that are easily swappable, allowing the driver to switch between color coordinated shift ball, or a more conservative appearance.

2012 Roush RS3 Hyper Series Mustang shifter

Each of the 2012 Hyper Series RS3 Mustangs also comes with all of the performance and handling expected from a standard RS3 Mustang. For the upcoming model year, Roush only plans to make 25 copies of each interior color, with each copy being serialized as Roush certified builds and numbered according to their production slot for each color (you'll be certified as the #12 of 25 in "Gas It Green").

2012 Roush RS3 Hyper Series Mustang exterior

Check out the video and pictures, and let us know when you're getting your new Hyper Series!

Source: Muscular Mustangs/Roush Performance YouTube


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