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Join Cruising for a Cause 2011: From Buffalo to Burbank

Join Cruising for a Cause 2011: From Buffalo to Burbank

After having several personal experiences with cancer, Mustang owner Mary Coffey will hit the road tomorrow on a nearly month long journey from Buffalo, NY to Burbank, CA and back to help raise awareness and funds for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in her custom pink 2001 Saleen Mustang. Mary's journey was inspired by her husband, who passed away on June 20, 2008 at 42 after a battle with Leukemia, and several friends who also fought breast cancer.

Mary's car

Mary's journey coincides with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and she's planning to make a contribution to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation with all the money she raises during her trip. She says she chose this charity since 90% of the funds received will go towards actual research, with only the remaining 10% serving administrative needs. It's also a Better Business Bureau accredited foundation. Additionally, Mary has partnered with SSBC Performance Brake Systems, who will be donating 5% of the proceeds from EVERY SSBC Mustang product sold during the month of October to the same cause.

Mary's car is a 2001 Saleen Mustang that her son originally bought in 2007. He purchased the car, while Mary held onto the lien, declaring that if he missed any payments, the car would be her's and end up painted pink. Well, he did miss a payment, and also had an accident, so the car spent much of a year in the shop getting repaired and repainted (pink!), and, after it came back, she took ownership. It's this beautiful Saleen that she'll be taking cross country, with some help from SSBC. Just recently, SSBC donated a SSBC Tri-Power brake system in a custom pink color and assisted her with the install to make sure she could "brake for cancer."

Mary's custom pink calipers, with engraved Cancer ribbon

If you want to join in Mary's ride, even if you don't have a pink car and/or a Mustang, she's welcoming and encouraging a caravan of supporters to join her! Her website,, along with her Facebook page, has schedule information on where you can meet her. Throughout the trip, she'll be driving some of the most beautiful and scenic roads in America on her way to Burbank, and have several events and local cruises along the way for you to take part in.

Check out her schedule and join her in her journey! Or, if you prefer, make a donation of your own.

We'll be following along with Mary's journey during the next month and we'll periodically let you know how she's doing and if there's any other ways you can support this worthy cause.

Sources: SSBC/Buffalo to Burbank


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