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Ford launches new online customizer for the 2012 Mustang

Ford launches new online customizer for the 2012 Mustang

Ford is letting their Mustang enthusiasts design their dream 2012 Mustang with the new customizer that launched today on the Ford Mustang website. It starts with your choice of a standard V6, GT, Boss 302 or GT500 and allows you to truly create the Mustang of your dreams. You can customize over a dozen options, from the car's color and wheel, body kit, scoop, roof and hood options, to the background of the scene, the amount of burnout the car's done, and the amount of smoke the car is producing.

2012 Ford Mustang customizer homepage

Once you perfect your car, you have a few more choices. You could download a PDF of the parts that went into creating your 2012 Mustang. If you're really hoping to get a car like it, that PDF will help your dealer know how to build it. Your next option is to download this picture in a number of sizes to serve as your computer's wallpaper where, trust me, it'll look good!

Battle It Out on the Ford Mustang customizer

Finally, you can take your car and "Battle It Out" versus other users of the customizer through Facebook. This takes your car head to head against another user's customized Mustang to see who can get the most votes. You can take a look at this feature without logging into Facebook, but to vote on a match-up, or to submit your car for voting you must be logged in. To submit your own car, just click on the red "Save your car then Battle It Out!" button. To begin a battle, find a friend from Facebook and challenge them. Voting on other battles is easy...just click on "Battle" in the top right and begin voting!

Check it out--the new 2012 Ford Mustang customizer!

Sources: Mustang Daily/Ford Mustang customer


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