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Two wrecked Boss 302 Mustangs in one week?

Two wrecked Boss 302 Mustangs in one week?

In our daily searches for all things Mustang, we stumbled across not one, but two wrecked Boss 302s this week! One wrecked car was a street version, while the other was the very first Boss 302S built. The 302S is the track/racing version of the Boss 302. Both cars looked a little rough after their run-ins.

First, take a look at the Californian Boss 302 (the 264th off the assembly line) that met something large and solid on the roof. The (former) owner listed the car on eBay claiming that he was ran off the road by a drunk driver after two months and 1,600 miles of ownership. He claims in his eBay post that the damage is purely cosmetic, with only minor radiator and suspension damage scarring the mechanics. We're a bit more skeptical after looking at the pictures. The car has a clean California title, though, and was recently sold for $20,000 in wrecked condition. Take a look for yourself and speculate on what might've happened to cause this massive amount of damage, or whether it'll ever see the road again.

wrecked boss 302

The second wrecked Mustang, the very first Boss 302S (the track/racing edition of the Boss 302) off the assembly line, hit the wall this past weekend at the Pirelli World Challenge Series at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. The driver, an avid Mustang racer named Richard Golinello, walked away uninjured and it seems like the car, after a good bit of front end and left side work, will eventually be back on the road.

wrecked ford mustang boss 302

All in all, though, it's a tough week to be a 2012 Boss 302.

Sources: Muscular Mustang / eBay / Jalopnik


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