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Spy shots of the 2013 Mustang!

Spy shots of the 2013 Mustang!

Following up to last week's post about the 2013 Mustang, we stumbled upon some 2013 Mustang spy photos for you to check out! This pre-production car was spotted out on the streets around Detroit.

2013 Spy Shot
While the lower half of the car is HEAVILY covered, you can make out a few things from under the covers. First, the taillights seem to run straight across the car, rather than being slanted forward. While we reported this last week, the pre-production car photos confirm this. Second, you can see from the main photo that, peaking out from beneath the covers, the bodywork surrounding the exhaust is now painted, versus the 2010-2012 versions which were black textured plastic.
We're hopeful to see a few more spy photos in the coming months leading up to the model's debut at the L.A. Auto Show and hopefully those spy photos will be less camouflaged so we can see more of the new Mustang. What do you think of what you see so far?

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