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Hit the links with this Mustang-themed golf cart!

Hit the links with this Mustang-themed golf cart!

Modeled after the SN95 Mustang, and able to hit speeds of 60mph, this golf cart might be perfect for your next trip to your favorite golf course. This cart was designed by Andy (not to be confused with CJ's blog contributor of the same name), who refers to it as the "New Edge" Mustang design. It is a really sharp looking and well designed mini-Mustang--certainly realistic! The video above features Andy doing some drifting and flying by the camera.

You may be wondering, though, "how does a golf cart hit 60 mph?"

Simple really. Andy removed the governor, which typically holds back a golf cart to 20 mph or 45 mph, depending on how it is set. He also doubled the batteries from 4 to 8 for increased power. Combined with the "instant on" nature of electric motors, he's got a pretty quick golf cart here.

As you can see by the video, it's got fantastic acceleration, and pretty good stopping distance as well. If you're interested in one, Andy left his email address on his YouTube channel, so drop him a line. In the meantime, enjoy the video on this beautiful Monday!

Source: StangTV


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