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The American Pony Builders project needs your help!

The American Pony Builders project needs your help!

Late last year, we told you about Jeff Yergovich and his dream to create the first TV show specifically about Mustangs, for Mustang fanatics. The new show, American Pony Builders, sounds amazing, but needs some help--your help--to hit the airwaves.

Jeff is a world renowned Mustang and Shelby expert and restorer, with more than 35 years of experience. He owns his own shop, R&A Motorsports, which will be featured in the show. He'll be taking us to car shows, auctions and he'll be showing us his recommended products and tech tips. Of course, we'll also see some of the greatest Mustangs on the planet, from 1964 to today.

To get the show off the ground, he's spoken to quite a list of networks and producers, including ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, SPEED, VERSUS, Discovery (and all of their stations), HDNet, Fox Sports, Powerblock TV, Stacey David (Gearz), and Adam Carolla (who is a huge car fan and does his own webcast). Despite this impressive list, he has no takers. However, amongst Mustang fans, the show has a huge following--nearly 11,000 of you have seen the show's trailer, and dozens have provided support on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the show's website.

Therefore, in order to get the money to make American Pony Builders a reality, he's turning to you, the Mustang owner and enthusiast, for help to get this great new show started. Please visit the American Pony Builders link on, and pledge your support today.

With your help, hopefully we'll soon see American Pony Builders on the air!

Sources: StangNet/American Pony Builders


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