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Get your Premium Parking Permit for this year’s CAD!

Get your Premium Parking Permit for this year’s CAD!

As we talked about last week, this year's Customer Appreciation Day (CAD) is right around the corner. This year, for only $10, we want to offer you the chance to display your Mustang more prominently with the CAD Premium Parking Permit! For those of you planning to attend with a Mustang, we are offering a limited amount of premium parking spots for 2011. This premium parking permit will entitle the bearer to one parking space in the most prominent parking lot at the front of our facility. Groups are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity, and will be kept together as long as space permits. Most importantly, all the proceeds from these reasonably priced (only $10!!) premium parking permits will be added to the total of all other charitable contributions made to The Four Diamonds Fund that day.

CAD Parking Permit

After you purchase a CAD Premium Parking Permit, you'll be mailed the hang tag pictured above for you to proudly display on August 13. That tag will gain you entry into the premium parking area and lets you show off the contribution you made to The Four Diamonds Fund.

The Four Diamonds Fund was initiated by the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center to help conquer childhood cancer. Since 1972 The Four Diamonds Fund has helped over 2000 families by enabling superior care, comprehensive support, and innovative research. Last year CJ's crushed our goal of $10,000 by raising over $19,000 in 1 day! This allowed the local chapter to break $1,000,000 total dollars raised since inception. The goal this year is to raise more money than last year. As if you needed a better reason to show off your car.

Any further questions or information needed, please contact

Please note: This is still a free car show. This parking pass is only an additional program to reserve our  premium parking areas. Standard parking will be available for free for all Mustangs that participate. For regular parking, no registration is required.

Hurry! These spots are going to go fast!


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