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Congratulations to Rich N. on his third 1st Place victory in Carlisle!

Congratulations to Rich N. on his third 1st Place victory in Carlisle!

For the third consecutive year, CJ Pony Parts customer Rich N. was awarded 1st place at the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Rich won in the 1992-1993 Modified Mustang category this year, with his "Nasty 93" Mustang GT. Originally, Rich's car came to CJ Pony Service in desperate need of paint and bodywork, after a body shop in New Jersey did more damage than help when trying to repaint the car in mid-2008. Take a look at the condition it was in when it came to CJ's around Thanksgiving 2008: 

Rich's car being "rescued" by CJ Pony Parts from the bad body shop.

After the rescue, Bill and his team at CJ Pony Service worked their magic. The previous body shop had managed to do significant damage and lost numerous parts, and Bill's team needed to install a Cervini Cobra Body Kit, a headliner, tinted headlights, a Cobra grill opening and hood struts, along with performing some major wiring repairs. Rich also notes that the upholstery was installed by CJ's and that he receives frequent compliments on it. Here's a look at the finished product:

Rich's Mustang GT being picked up

Since he got his car back from CJ's, Rich began his winning streak at the Ford Nationals. He says that, while he had been part of car shows for many years prior to the car being at CJ's, it wasn't until CJ's did their paint and restoration project that he began winning awards, so he's mighty thankful for all the work CJ Pony Service was able to do on his beautiful "Nasty 93" Mustang GT.

Rich's Mustang on display

We'd like to congratulate Rich on his third consecutive 1st place victory at this year's Carlisle Ford Nationals. Nice job!



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