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American Pony Builders: A Mustang Fan’s Dream Show

American Pony Builders: A Mustang Fan’s Dream Show

As the Ford Mustang inches closer to its 50th anniversary in 2014, we can't help but think about how far this All-American muscle car has come. From its beginnings at the New York World's Fair, to its racing years with Carroll Shelby, to the return of the legendary 5.0 in 2011, this car has done it all, seen it all. A car truly deserving of its large following and rich heritage, the Mustang is finally ready to make its spotlight television debut, thanks to Jeff Yergovich and his shop, R&A Motorsports. Get ready, for American Pony Builders!
World renowned Shelby and Mustang restorer Jeff Yergovich doesn't just love Mustangs, he LIVES MUSTANGS! Jeff has been restoring Shelbys and Mustangs for 35 years along with designing some of his own. He has seen the good, the bad and the beautiful. In addition to showing you some of the greatest vintage and late model Mustangs on the planet in his shop (R&A Motorsports) Jeff will take you with him to car shows, auctions, events and show you the products he uses and why, along with great tech tips. Every car has a story, every owner has a story.
Right now, Jeff and his team are still looking for a TV station to call home, but we can help this all-Mustang show get started by getting the word out there and creating interest. Watch Jeff's YouTube trailer and visit his website ( to get all the info about the show. As of December 20th Jeff and his team have gotten over 5,500 views on the trailer and have been in contact with a few major networks. Here's hoping, guys! I know I will tune in!

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