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Mustang Tech Article: Ford 1987-1993 Original Lock Set

Mustang Tech Article: Ford 1987-1993 Original Lock Set

Now that winter is on it's way, you will most likely have you Mustang shacked up in your garage until better weather returns. If you are like most of us, then you too see winter as the perfect time to tune-up, replace or add-on parts to your 'Stang. You can always bring your Mustang in to CJ Pony Service when you want work done, but if you are feeling a little bit more handy or want to save a little money and learn something new, then our CJ Pony Parts Tech Articles are for you!

This week, we are featuring our step-by-step process on how to install a Ford original lock set on your 1987-1993 Mustang. This is a complete Ford OEM lock set for 1987-1993 Mustangs. The keys are correct with the Ford oval logo on one side and ‘Family of Fine Cars’ on the opposite side. These locks are perfect for anyone doing a restoration or for replacing mix-matched locks. One key works all 4 locks.


-Pair of door lock cylinders
-Trunk/hatch lock cylinder
-Glove box lock cylinder -Pair of original keys

Start with your driver side door. Make sure to use the correct lock. You will notice the key hole is on the bottom half of the lock, and the lock rod retainer is towards the front of the car. The door locks are held in place with a large c-shaped retainer clip (HW1551).

mustang door lock

You will get access to the retainer clip through the back of the door shell.

mustang door shell

Grab ahold of the retaining clip with a set of pliers and gently remove it. Once the clip is removed, the door lock will come right out.

mustang lock clip

Next, you will want to remove the door lock arm, by removing the c-clip.

mustang door lock removal

Slide the door lock back into the door and push the door lock retainer back in place. This completes the driver side door. The passenger side door is done exactly the same way.

Next up is the trunk lock. In this photo, you can see the trunk lock and the trunk lock retainer clip that is directly underneath it.

mustang trunk lock

The trunk lock retainer clip is held in place by a rivet. You will have to drill out this rivet before you can pull out the retainer clip.

mustang trunk lock removal

Once you have drilled out the rivet and removed the retainer clip, a little twisting is all it takes to get the trunk lock to come out. You will need to reuse the trunk lock rod that is in your original trunk lock, so be sure not to discard it.

old and new mustang locks

Now that the lock rod is installed in your new lock, you will need to reinstall the assembly. Make sure that the trunk lock rod goes back into the trunk latch. If you have trouble lining up the trunk lock rod into the trunk latch, you can remove the license plate light lenses to get a better view into the trunk lid. Once the new trunk lock is in place, you can slide the retainer back into place. If you don't have a rivet gun and rivet, you can substitute a screw to hold the retainer in place. This will complete the trunk lock install.

mustang trunk lock install

The last part of this installation is the glove box lock. First, you will have to remove the glove box from the dash. To do this, remove the two bolts found at the bottom of the glove box door. These bolts are attached to the hinges that hold the glove box to the dash.

mustang glove box lock removal

To get to the lock, you will then need to separate the front of the glove box from the glove box liner. There are three screws on the bottom of the glove box that will need to be removed.

mustang glove box lock install

Then, you will need to remove the three screws that are on the inside of the glove box liner.

mustang glove box lock removal guide

Now that the two pieces are seperated, you can get to the glove box lock that is still attached to the glove box door. The lock is held on by two screws. Once the screws are out, you can then remove the complete handle, latch and lock assembly.

mustang glove box locks

Flip over the assembly and you should see a little tab. Press this tab in to allow the lock to slide out from the assembly.

how to remove mustang glove box lock

Push the new lock in until the tab pushes out, signaling that the lock is in place. Reinstall the glove box by following the steps you used to remove it, and then your installation is complete.


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