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CJ Pony Service goes BIG on a Ford SVT Raptor

CJ Pony Service goes BIG on a Ford SVT Raptor

Usually, CJ Pony Service has tons of Mustangs, from all different years, in the shop getting some degree of work done. They are well known for their Mustang expertise, but what you may not know is that our crack-team of mechanics and technicians can work on a much wider scale than just muscle cars.

Last week, Frank S. and his 2010 Ford 5.4L SVT Raptor F-150 stopped in looking to get MEAN. Frank ordered the truck from Ford back in August of 2009. While overseas with our military, working as a contractor in Iraq, Frank decided he wanted to replace his 2003 Ford Lightning with something a little more menacing. His Raptor F-150 was picked up by his Mom in December 2009 and waited for his return from the Middle East.

Fast-forward to July 2010. Frank touched down back in the states and finally got to meet his new Raptor face-to-face. It took him less than a month to decide that this already powerful Ford truck need a boost in the "mean-sound" and power departments. CJ Pony Service was more than happy to help give his new Raptor a more aggressive attitude.

Our service department installed a 1999-2004 Ford Lightning Bassani cat-back exhaust system supplied by Frank, and custom fitted it to the Raptor. Add on to that a set of customer supplied Stainless Works long tube headers and a catted hi-flow mid-pipe, and you have yourself a custom-made, side-exiting exhaust worthy of some serious praise.

The final CJ's modification to the Raptor was a set of Ford Racing Hot-Rod cams. Yeah, you heard that right. We installed a set of Ford Racing's extremely popular cams into the 5.4-liter heart of Frank's SVT Raptor F-150. Now all his truck needed was a good bath and it was ready to go... and I mean GO!

Installation on the SVT Raptor

Frank let us get plenty of great shots before, during and after the install of this awe-inspiring Ford special-edition truck. He was so happy with the work done by CJ Pony Service, that his Raptor will be on display in our shop this weekend, at our 10th annual Customer Appreciation Day car show! If you didn't already have enough reasons to come out this weekend, now you will be able to check out this "muscle-truck" in all of its big, blue glory!

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