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Project B.O.B. makes his 2010 debut!

Project B.O.B. makes his 2010 debut!

With the warmer weather, comes the itch to race! Our Service Department manager, Bill Tumas got our drag racing Mustang, B.O.B. back out for this season a few weeks ago and tried to best last year’s amazing 11.99@113 on the quarter mile.

Here is Bill’s write-up on how everything went at B.O.B.’s first outing in 2010:

A few weeks ago we finally got B.O.B. back out to the track for the first runs of the 2010 season. We ended 2009 on a high note running 11.99@113 with a 1.62 60 foot time on a borrowed set of Bogarts with bias ply ET Street slicks mounted on them. During the off-season, we picked up a set of our own Bogart D-10 wheels. Instead of running slicks, we decided to go with a set of 15” Mickey Thompson drag radials to see how B.O.B. responded to them. Radial racing is HUGE right now and there are plenty of really fast automatic cars running the ET Street Radials. We were not sure how well they would work with our high RPM stick launches. We headed down to Mason Dixon Dragway to meet up with some friends. The humidity was fairly low, but the air temperature was about 40 degrees warmer than our 11.99 pass.
First pass off the street, I went with a tame 4000rpm launch slipping the clutch to get a feel for the tires, the track and the car. Even though it had been almost five months since my last pass, I cut down the tree with a .004 bulb and B.O.B. hooked pretty well. I hit the shifts cleanly and we were rewarded with our first time slip of 2010

1.688 60 foot

7.750@89.25 in the 1/8th mile


The numbers were pretty promising for our first hit of the day. I was expecting that pass to be a 12.20-12.30 since I did not leave real aggressively. Thoughts of 11’s on radials started to creep into my head... I let the car cool down for 30 minutes and headed back to the line. I decided to try and launch more aggressively. I left at 5000rpm, which ended up being too much and blew the tires off badly.

1.861 60 foot

7.981@89.36 in the 1/8th mile


The car was moving up top but the 60 foot was tricky with the radials, and that is what makes or breaks a pass. I made two more runs in a row, working on the launch, and spun both times running in the 12.20s-12.30s. I let the car cool and decided to try a higher launch with more clutch slip, to see what would happen. I staged at 5500rpm and left on the third yellow. 60 foot was a 1.66, which was the best of the day so far. When I went for second gear, nobody was home. For the first time in hundreds of runs in B.O.B., I missed a shift. My thought was that the clutch got too hot with the slip and simply would not engage properly on the shift. I limped back to the pits with a bruised ego and checked out everything. I let the car cool for almost an hour and went up again. I tried the same slip but a little faster this time and ended up with the best run of the day.

1.663 60 foot

7.6999@89 in the 1/8th 


0.07 seconds from being back in the 11s. So damn close! I made another couple passes, but could never get the launch just right, so I called it a day. The car still needs a stiffer rear shock, and the driver needs a little more time with the radials to get the car dialed in. Our new goal is 11s on radials! Then we might go for some cams and delete plates, take some more weight out and shoot for the stock long block record!

So begins a new year and a new season for Bill and B.O.B. Will we get 11s on the new radials? Can we do even better than our 11.99@113 from last year? We will see…


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